Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence

ELITONE is a non-implanted muscle stimulator designed to
reat stress urinary incontinence in women. Get results with
just 20 minutes a day.

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ELITONE ®, is a new, at-home treatment for urinary stress incontinence.


ELITONE® is a first of its kind non-invasive treatment, for us women who leak when they laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise.  Do you wear pads because you leak?


With ELITONE you get to reverse the curse of stress incontinence, not just cover up symptoms with pads. Sure pads are easy, but you will need more and more for the rest of your life.

ELITONE uses gentle, low-frequency pulses to stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles by doing perfectly-timed Kegels – for you.  With regular use, those embarrassing leaks will go away.

ELITONE was designed to fit conveniently into your life.  Wear it for 20-minute sessions while working, lounging, cooking, pretty much anytime.  ELITONE is used 4 times per week for as few as 6 weeks.


Wear the comfortable GelPads under your clothes, where a pad would go, adjust the stimulation level on the handheld controller, and forget about it!


In a recent survey at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 9 out of 10 gynecologists would prescribe ELITONE to their patients.  FDA-reviewed data shows that 95% of women who used ELITONE reduced leaks.  75% saw statistically significant reduction.

How Does It Work?

Here is how the low-intensity therapy device works:

  • A GelPad is placed on the perineal (pubic) area, connected to a small controller.
  • Treatment starts by pressing a button on the controller a number of times to increase the intensity, as the pelvic floor muscles tighten. The contractions cycle through 6 seconds on then 6 seconds of rest.
  • The treatment lasts for 20-minutes and can be worn while working, walking, lounging.
  • The mobile app will be available in the next few months to track usage, leaks, and get encouragement.


Frequently Asked Questions – Using ELITONE


(from elitone.com)

ELITONE® is FDA-cleared for use without a prescription.

ELITONE is used at your convenience in the privacy of your home. A GelPad is placed on your perineal (pubic) area, then connected to a tiny controller. After putting on your clothes, clip the controller to your waistband, and press a button to start treatment. You will feel your pelvic floor muscles tighten, hold for a few seconds, and then release. During treatment, you can walk around and continue your daily routine. After 20 minutes of treatment, the controller turns off automatically.

A User Manual accompanies the device and includes easy-to-follow instructions, plus our how to start using ELITONE video is a great resource.

Women report a tingling sensation where the GelPad contacts the skin. Internally, you should feel tightening, followed by 6 seconds of “hold” and then 6 seconds of “rest.” This sequence repeats 100x for a complete workout.  A few minutes into the workout, your skin may feel a little numb.

This treatment is based on a proven pelvic floor therapy called electrical muscle stimulation (EMS or e-stim). The device’s signal is similar to the current your brain uses to tell muscles to contract. ELITONE is specially developed to send signals safely and comfortably through the skin to treat stress urinary incontinence [unlike low-frequency devices like TENS for pain management].

Treatment outcomes vary by individual. Most women see a continued reduction in leaks after the initial 6-week therapy. We recommend periodic follow-up treatment sessions. For some women, this may be 3–4 sessions after a few months. For others, this may be a weekly maintenance session. After using ELITONE, some women have a better understanding of their pelvic floor muscles and can perform Kegels more effectively on their own for maintenance.

The gel used in the GelPads can be applied over hair and will not pull out hair when removed. However, there does need to be good skin contact. About half the women in our clinical study said they shaved or trimmed hair for better results.

Some women report similarities to Kegel exercises, but not all. A common reason for ineffective Kegels according to one study is 25% of women do not perform Kegels correctly. They either contract the wrong muscles or fail to hold the contraction long enough, often because the muscles are already so weak. ELITONE does the Kegels longer and stronger than you can on your own. ELITONE also focuses on the muscles surrounding the urethra, instead of the entire pelvic floor structure.

Perhaps. The biggest factor we saw with the speed of improvement is the degree of intensity coupled with consistency of treatment. You can treat more than the recommended schedule, but remember your pelvic floor muscles need to recover after a “workout,” and just as with regular exercise, it’s possible to fatigue the muscles, reducing the benefit.

Rest assured, as an FDA-cleared device, it has passed all biocompatibility tests. The gels in the GelPads are non-toxic hydrogels, which means it is mostly salt-water. The gel is slightly sticky and originates from the wound-care industry, which means that it does NOT pull hair and is very gentle.


We get this question a lot. While we cannot make any specific claims regarding ELITONE, Kegel exercises are often recommended to improve sex, and some customers tell us that it has helped.

ELITONE is FDA-cleared as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence in women. This means that it was found to be both safe and effective. The most common side effects are skin irritation and muscle fatigue, and these most often occur when the device is used more than the recommended amount. Both are typically addressed by taking a few days off from treatment.

When you receive your ELITONE it is important to thoroughly read the User Manual. It explains proper operation and how to avoid misuse.

To read a complete list of contraindications click here.

“With ELITONE, you get to reverse the curse of stress incontinence.”


About Elitone

Elitone is a first of its kind device that allows non-invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence. Elitone uses gentle, low-frequency pulses to stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles by doing perfectly-timed Kegels – for you. With regular use, those embarrassing leaks will go away. 


How it Works

The thin GelPad is worn externally and applied to your pelvic region. With gentle stimulation, ELITONE contracts and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles during 20-minute sessions; essentially doing the Kegel exercises for you — longer and stronger than you could on your own. Use 4 times per week and see results in as few as 6 weeks. It’s comfortable, discreet and easy to wear. Once you experience the results, ELITONE will become an essential part of your self- care routine.


Clinically Proven Effective

In a recent clinical study, 95% of women achieved a reduction in the number of leaks per day, with an average reduction of 71% after only 6 weeks of use. Women achieved clinically significant improvements in quality of life scores and pad usage. Visit elitone.com/clinicians for additional information.


Doctor Recommended

In a recent survey at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 9 out of 10 gynecologists would prescribe ELITONE to their patients.  FDA-reviewed data shows that 95% of women who used ELITONE reduced leaks and 75% saw a statistically significant reduction.

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