Unimom Minuet LCD Double Electric Breast Pump

Compact and powerful, the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump offers a new level of portability without compromising on performance. With 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes, it ensures both comfort and efficiency during pumping sessions. The Minuet also includes 2 special patterns of expression modes that mimic a baby’s natural feeding patterns. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and an improved backflow protection system, this pump is convenient and hygienic. The informative LCD screen and USB charge port add to its modern features.

Introducing the Unimom Minuet LCD Double Electric Breast Pump, a versatile and efficient pumping solution designed to meet the needs of modern breastfeeding mothers. With its compact and lightweight design, this breast pump offers portability and convenience without compromising on performance. Equipped with advanced features and a user-friendly interface, the Unimom Minuet LCD provides a comfortable and effective pumping experience.

The double electric functionality of the Unimom Minuet LCD allows for simultaneous expression from both breasts, maximizing milk production and saving valuable time. The LCD screen provides clear and easy-to-read information, including suction strength, cycle speed, and pumping time, allowing mothers to monitor and adjust settings according to their preferences. The pump also offers multiple expression modes, including massage mode to stimulate milk flow and expression mode for efficient and comfortable pumping.

The Unimom Minuet LCD Breast Pump prioritizes comfort and convenience. The soft silicone breast shields and adjustable suction levels ensure a comfortable fit and gentle pumping experience. The pump operates quietly, allowing for discreet pumping sessions, and its hygienic closed system prevents backflow, ensuring the purity and safety of expressed milk. With its efficient performance and user-friendly features, the Unimom Minuet LCD Double Electric Breast Pump is a reliable companion for breastfeeding mothers seeking comfort, convenience, and effective milk expression.

  • Ultimate Comfort, Performance & Portability: Designed for nursing moms on the go or working mothers who need to express, this hospital-grade pump offers exceptional comfort, lightweight portability, and can be used as a single or double pump.
  • Compact & Light: Despite its powerful performance, this pump boasts an ultra-light and compact design, making it one of the smallest options available. Weighing only 7 ounces, it easily fits in your purse or diaper bag without adding extra bulk.
  • Hygienic Closed System: Certified for multi-user use, the backflow protection system ensures that no breast milk, moisture, or micro vapors can contaminate the tubing or motor. It creates a barrier that prevents external air from compromising the expressed breast milk's purity.
  • Complete Kit: The comprehensive kit includes breast shields, valves, tubes, and silicone diaphragms. It also comes with bottles, bottle stands, caps, covers, an AC adapter, and charging cord. An optional switch kit is available (not included) to convert it into a manual pump.
  • Adjustable Suction & Massage Modes: With 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes, this pump offers customizable settings for enhanced comfort and efficiency. The gentle stimulation helps stimulate milk flow, promoting a more relaxing and seamless pumping experience.


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