Spectra Synergy Gold Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Experience the ultimate convenience of the portable and rechargeable Spectra Synergy Gold breast pump, designed to make pumping on the go a breeze for moms. Combining the trusted dependability of Spectra with on-the-go features, this pump offers dual motors that allow you to independently adjust settings for each breast. Achieve optimal productivity and comfort with this innovative technology, especially beneficial for moms seeking efficient expression from both breasts or exclusive pumpers looking to maximize productivity while on the move.

Incorporating Spectra’s Natural Nursing Technology, the Synergy Gold features vacuum patterns that mimic a baby’s suckling, creating a more natural breastfeeding experience. Enjoy the benefits moms love about Spectra, including ultra-quiet operation, hospital-strength performance, a range of settings, and a convenient night light. The parts and accessories of the Synergy Gold are interchangeable with other Spectra breast pumps, ensuring compatibility and versatility. Additionally, the pump is backed by Spectra’s exceptional 2-year warranty.

Power up the Spectra Synergy Gold with the included 12-Volt AC power adapter or utilize the built-in rechargeable battery for added flexibility and convenience. Pump confidently, knowing that Spectra has your breastfeeding journey covered wherever you go.

Introducing the Spectra Synergy Gold Portable, the perfect companion for breastfeeding mothers on the move. This innovative portable breast pump combines convenience, performance, and style to deliver a seamless pumping experience wherever you go. With its compact design, advanced features, and rechargeable battery, the Spectra Synergy Gold Portable empowers moms to pump anytime, anywhere, without compromising on efficiency or comfort.

The Spectra Synergy Gold Portable features a powerful yet gentle suction, mimicking the natural breastfeeding process for optimal milk expression. Its closed system design ensures hygiene and prevents contamination, guaranteeing the safety and purity of expressed milk. With adjustable suction levels and cycle speeds, mothers can customize their pumping experience to their preference, promoting both comfort and milk flow.

Designed with portability in mind, the Spectra Synergy Gold Portable is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for busy moms. The built-in rechargeable battery provides the freedom to pump without the need for an outlet, giving moms the flexibility to pump on the go, at work, or while traveling. The pump's quiet operation allows for discreet pumping sessions, and its stylish design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Experience the freedom and convenience of pumping on your own terms with the Spectra Synergy Gold Portable. Its portable design, customizable settings, and reliable performance make it the ultimate choice for moms who desire a pumping solution that fits seamlessly into their active lifestyle. With the Spectra Synergy Gold Portable, you can confidently embrace the journey of motherhood while keeping your milk supply flowing strong.

  • Experience advanced technology with the dual motors of the Spectra breast pump, allowing independent adjustment of speed and suction on each breast for a customized pumping experience. The innovative Natural Nursing Technology replicates the feel of natural breastfeeding, enhancing comfort and efficiency.
  • Enjoy the convenience of portability with the built-in battery, making the pump rechargeable and ideal for on-the-go use. The ultra-quiet motor ensures discreet pumping, providing a peaceful experience wherever you are.
  • Choose from 5 stages of massage and 15 detailed expression mode settings, tailoring the pumping process to your needs. The true closed system design creates a hygienic barrier, safeguarding milk from outside contaminants.
  • Experience the strength of hospital-grade suction, with a maximum suction power of up to 270 mmHg. Take advantage of session features such as a quiet mute function and the ability to save previous session settings.
  • Effortlessly control your pumping session with the LCD screen, allowing you to adjust the timer, vacuum level, massage mode, and more with a simple touch. The independently adjusted dual motors provide added comfort, accommodating sore breasts and sensitive nipples.
  • As an extra perk, the gentle night light offers three levels of illumination, aiding nighttime pumping and breastfeeding. Embrace the comprehensive features of the Spectra breast pump for a comfortable and convenient pumping experience.


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