Spectra Synergy Gold Dual Adjustable Electric Breast Pump

Introducing the groundbreaking Synergy Gold electric breast pump, equipped with the latest and most advanced technology in the industry. What sets the SG apart is its unique ability to allow moms to independently adjust each side, offering a personalized pumping experience like never before. As with all Spectra pumps, the SG features a true closed system that ensures a hygienic barrier between outside contaminants and the precious mother’s milk. This advanced technology promotes highly productive pumping sessions, saving valuable time while providing optimal comfort and ease. Additionally, the SG is equipped with an LED lamp that emits a gentle indirect light, serving as both a breastfeeding aid in dark rooms and a soothing sleep lamp.

Introducing the Spectra Synergy Gold Dual Adjustable Pump, the ultimate pumping solution for mothers seeking unparalleled customization and efficiency. With its dual adjustable suction and cycle controls, this breast pump offers a unique level of flexibility and personalization, allowing moms to tailor their pumping experience to their exact needs. The Spectra Synergy Gold empowers mothers to optimize their milk expression while ensuring utmost comfort and convenience.

The Spectra Synergy Gold features dual adjustable suction and cycle controls, giving mothers complete control over their pumping experience. With independent settings for each breast, moms can adjust the suction strength and cycle speed individually, accommodating variations in milk production and personal comfort. This customizable feature allows for maximum milk extraction and promotes a more efficient and comfortable pumping session.

Designed with the utmost convenience in mind, the Spectra Synergy Gold is equipped with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. The backlit LCD screen displays real-time information, including suction strength, cycle speed, and pumping time, for easy monitoring and adjustment. The closed system design ensures hygienic milk expression and prevents backflow, keeping expressed milk safe and pure. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it portable and easy to use on the go.

With the Spectra Synergy Gold Dual Adjustable Pump, mothers can experience a whole new level of customization and efficiency in their breastfeeding journey. Its dual adjustable suction and cycle controls, user-friendly interface, and portable design make it a game-changer for moms seeking a pumping experience that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

  • Personalized Pumping Experience: Easily adjust the settings of your Spectra breast pump to suit your individual preferences, ensuring a comfortable and customized pumping session.
  • Convenient Breastfeeding Support: Experience added convenience with a breast pump designed with a nightlight, touch screen, and timer control, making your pumping journey more seamless and user-friendly.
  • Hygienic Pumping Solution: The Spectra backflow protector acts as a physical barrier between your breast milk and the pump motor, ensuring a hygienic pumping experience.
  • BPA/DEHP Free: Trust in the safety of Spectra breast pumps, parts, baby accessories, and breastfeeding supplies as they are free from BPA and DEHP, prioritizing the well-being of your baby.
  • By Moms, For Moms: We are moms dedicated to supporting other moms on their parenting journey. Our commitment extends to providing top-quality breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies, milk bottles, baby accessories, education, and excellent customer care, embracing the beauty of parenthood with every mother we serve.


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