Elvie Stride Hand Free Double Electric Breast Pump

The Elvie Stride Plus is a hands-free, hospital-grade electric breast pump combined with a 3-in-1 carry bag, designed specifically for busy moms on the go. Boasting hospital-grade performance (with an impressive -300 mmHg*), this portable pump frees you from the constraints of wires and outlets. This gives you the liberty to pump efficiently wherever you choose, with the assurance that your breast milk is being cooled. The pump ensures powerful, yet comfortable extraction, offering you complete control. So go ahead, mama, maximize the benefits of this remarkable pump.

Introducing the Elvie Stride Hand-Free Double Electric Breast Pump, a revolutionary pumping solution that empowers breastfeeding mothers with its innovative technology and hands-free design. This breast pump redefines convenience and comfort, allowing moms to pump discreetly and effortlessly while going about their daily activities. With its sleek and compact design, powerful performance, and intuitive features, the Elvie Stride Hand-Free Double Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate companion for modern moms.

The Elvie Stride Hand-Free Double Electric Breast Pump offers a truly hands-free pumping experience, eliminating the need for external tubes or cords. Its wearable design fits seamlessly into a nursing bra, providing moms with the freedom to move around and perform other tasks while expressing milk. The pump's gentle and efficient suction ensures effective milk expression, while the adjustable settings allow for a personalized pumping experience tailored to individual comfort and milk flow needs.

Designed for convenience and connectivity, the Elvie Stride Hand-Free Double Electric Breast Pump is compatible with the Elvie app, providing real-time tracking of milk volume, pumping history, and personalized pumping tips. The pump is silent and discreet, allowing moms to pump anytime and anywhere without drawing unnecessary attention. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 90 minutes of continuous pumping on a single charge, ensuring flexibility and convenience for moms on the go.

Experience the utmost comfort and convenience with the Elvie Stride. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to wear and carry, while the hands-free functionality lets you multitask and take care of other tasks while pumping. With its rechargeable battery, you can pump on the go without the need for an outlet. The Elvie Stride also connects to a mobile app, giving you real-time tracking of your pumping sessions and personalized insights. Embrace the freedom and efficiency of the Elvie Stride Hand Free Double Electric Breast Pump and enjoy a seamless breastfeeding journey.

  • Experience the tranquility of pumping with the Elvie Stride, the ultra-quiet electric breast pump designed to blend seamlessly into your daily routine. With its small, hospital-grade motor offering suction power up to -300mmHg*, combined with noise reduction technology, Elvie Stride ensures discreet pumping without drawing unnecessary attention. Its lightweight and compact design, weighing less than 5 oz per cup, provides a comfortable and inconspicuous fit under your clothing, allowing you to confidently stride through your day.
  • Stay connected and in control with the Pump with Elvie app. Seamlessly adjust the suction level, monitor your pumping history, and remotely control your pump without having to reach into your bra. The app also allows you to customize your pump's settings to match your preferences, ensuring each pumping session starts exactly the way you like it.
  • Embrace true freedom with the hands-free functionality of Elvie Stride. No more juggling bottles or dealing with wires that restrict your movement. This innovative breast pump collects milk directly in your bra, giving you the flexibility to pump anytime, anywhere, while keeping your hands and body free. With 10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression modes, Elvie Stride allows you to personalize your pumping experience for ultimate comfort and efficiency. Say goodbye to compromise and stride confidently through your breastfeeding journey.


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