Hiring Shipping & Receiving Clerks

Barber DME is now hiring Shipping & Receiving Clerks for our Falls Church location.

Thank you for your interest in Barber DME Supply Group. Below you will find the Shipping & Receiving Clerk job description. Please read through it to see if you feel that you are a proper fit for the position. If so, please fill out the form below to upload your resume for review by our human resources team.

Job Description


General:          The Shipping/Receiving Clerk is responsible for accomplishing all shipping and receiving on a daily basis, to maintain the warehouse in a neat and orderly fashion, and assist in providing efficient and cost-effective inventory controls.

Responsible To:   Warehouse Manager



  1. In an average 8 hour day the employee lifts/carries up to 65 pounds frequently.
  2. In an average 8 hour day the employee stands/walks 4 hours.
  3. In an average 8 hour day the employee sits 4 hours. (These hours include up to 4 hours of data entry/phone work)
  4. In an average 8 hour day the employee drives 0 hour.
  5. The employee lifts/carries up to 85 lbs. maximum.
  6. Must be clean & neat in personal appearance.


  1. High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent preferred.


  1. A minimum of 3 years shipping/receiving experience.
  2. Prior durable medical equipment experience preferred.
  3. Brightree software experience preferred.
  4. Good oral and written communication skills.
  5. People sensitive characteristics with a desire to help others.
  6. Good computer skills
  7. Able to function as a polite and cooperative team member with a positive attitude.
  8. Must be detail oriented.
  9. Excellent driving record.
  10. Able to maintain confidentiality.

On Call:

  1. Periodically available for non-office hours.
  2. Willing to be trained in pertinent areas of equipment and supplies.
  3. Available for home/office deliveries.
  4. Good driving record.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Process paperwork, log outgoing orders, select appropriate delivery method and process for shipping.
  2. Maintain accurate receiving records by:
    1. Checking incoming merchandise for completeness and accuracy against the purchase order.
    2. Handle discrepancies with manufacturers. Arrange for return authorization if needed.
    3. Update computer records.
  • Pricing (cost)
  • HCPC code
  1. Label and assign inventory to proper locations.
  2. Handle all facets of inventory transfers between locations. Maintain accurate files regarding transfers. Occasionally delivers merchandise to branch locations.
  3. File all purchase orders, inventory transfers or other pertinent information as deemed appropriate by Materials Manager.
  4. Assist Materials Personnel with inventory duties including physical inventory and input of data associated with inventory functions.
  5. Print and update back order listing and maintain back order invoices.
  6. Maintain current literature files.
  7. Attend in-store meetings.
  8. Perform other duties as deemed appropriate by management.

Please fill out the form below and upload your resume for our review.

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