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Soldier and DaughterAt Barber DME, Your Continued Health and Happiness Is Our Number One Marching Order.

Whether you are a cancer survivor, have undergone recent surgery, or have just given birth to a baby, Barber DME is available to help walk you towards your path of wellness.

Our expert staff will assist you with the purchase of all of your durable medical equipment and supply needs ranging from mastectomy bras to compression stockings and socks, to breast pumps and everything else in between. We carry enteral nutritional products and supplies for those infants who require extra nutrients or are required to be tube fed, and we provide custom-fitted wigs and hairpieces for those individuals who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or medical conditions related to cancer.

As a preferred partner with Tricare Military Insurance, we welcome our Military families who put so much of themselves on the line each day defending our country. At Barber DME, your continued health and happiness are our number one priority.

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Featured Product


ELITONE ®, is a new, at-home treatment for urinary stress incontinence.

ELITONE® is a first of its kind non-invasive treatment, for us women who leak when they laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise. Do you wear pads because you leak?

Non-Intrusive, Discreet, Quiet, Non-Invasive Treatment

With ELITONE you get to reverse the curse of stress incontinence, not just cover up symptoms with pads. Sure pads are easy, but you will need more and more for the rest of your life.

ELITONE uses gentle, low-frequency pulses to stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles by doing perfectly-timed Kegels – for you. With regular use, those embarrassing leaks will go away.

ELITONE was designed to fit conveniently into your life. Wear it for 20-minute sessions while working, lounging, cooking, pretty much anytime. ELITONE is used 4 times per week for as few as 6 weeks.


How Does It Work?

Here is how the low-intensity therapy device works:

  • A GelPad is placed on the perineal (pubic) area, connected to a small controller.
  • Treatment starts by pressing a button on the controller a number of times to increase the intensity, as the pelvic floor muscles tighten. The contractions cycle through 6 seconds on then 6 seconds of rest.
  • The treatment lasts for 20-minutes and can be worn while working, walking, lounging.
  • The mobile app will be available in the next few months to track usage, leaks, and get encouragement.

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